Nurture - Pregnancy Relaxation

I LOVE teaching these classes!

Imagine an hour and a quarter during the week, just before bedtime where you get to indulge yourself, escape the daily routine and be guided through some lovely relaxation and breath work. All from the comfort of your own bed or sofa! You will leave the session feeling relaxed, calm and ready to drift into a restful night's sleep. 

Learning pregnancy relaxation techniques will give you the ability to reach a relaxed state as second nature. Whether that’s in the run up to or during birth. Using a variety of breathing and relaxation techniques will reduce stress levels and allow the birth hormones to do their job making birth flow more naturally. 

These classes are especially useful in the last few weeks of pregnancy as it’s this time that stress, worry and sleepless nights can all disrupt your life. It can help you bond with your unborn baby and help you sleep better. 

It’s so important to look after yourself during pregnancy and this is a great form of self-care….a little bit of me-time where you can just focus on yourself..Accessing deep relaxation and enjoying the full benefits of a nurturing, hypnobirthing-based relaxation.

What to expect

Classes will be online so you’ll be able to create a comfy nurturing nest in your own home. You can choose whether to join the class from your own bed, sofa or whatever feels good. You’re encouraged to have anything around you to help relax like candles, oils, a warm drink, chocolate, comfy clothing and dim lighting. I will guide you through different breathing techniques each week. We’ll then do a progressive muscle relaxation and we finish off with a lovely indulgent and nurturing guided relaxation where you’re invited to snuggle down, perhaps under a fluffy blanket, close your eyes and totally relax. This is especially good in the evenings where you can just drift off into a deep and restful sleep afterwards.

“We cannot be a source for strength unless we nurture our own strength”. M.Scott Peck

JUN 12

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London, England

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Paris, France

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Berlin, Germany