Baby Massage

What to expect ...

Classes usually run over 5 weeks when you’ll get to meet other parents and babies. We’ll use different massage techniques each week, building on previous week until the final session where we’ll do a full top to toe baby massage.

You’ll learn all these techniques to relaxing and gentle background music. We’ll also do a bit of singing and the babies will get to enjoy some extra-special 1:1 time with their parents. 

Coffee and tea will be served after giving you time to chat with me or other mums.

Of all the five senses, touch is the most developed in a newborn and parents can use it to communicate with their babies. Studies have shown that stimulation of a baby's skin through massage can help with a baby's brain development.

Through baby massage classes you’re learning a very special gift to share with your baby. Baby massage isn’t a new or trendy technique, but has been used for centuries in many cultures. It’s been shown to help with a number of conditions including colic, reflux, teething pain and when your baby is congested. Not only does it help brain development in babies, but it can help to reduce the rate of postnatal depression.. It also helps you bond with your baby, especially when you're tired from sleepless nights and you want a little bit of time to relax and enjoy time with your baby. and…. It's just a lovely thing to do!

“ The greatest gift you can give your children is your time, your love, your attention.” Unknown

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